What do the classrooms get?

What does your donation mean for teachers and students

Trauma Kits

Classroom First Aid Kit - Kits 4 Classrooms
We have worked closely with medical proffesionals to create a kit that will protect children in an emergency situation. These Kits will be adjusted in size and contents based upon the classroom they are sent to.


Any parent, teacher, or student has access to free training from a first responder on how to properly use each item that is packed into one of our kits.

What’s in a kit?

Main Bag

1 Per Classroom

Stop The Bleed

Up to 3 add-ons based on class size
Quik Clot
Compressed Gauze x1
Chest Seal
Instructional booklet
Israeli Bandage 4"
Israeli 4" x1
RAT's Tourniquet
Black Large Gloves x2
Clear Surgical Tape
Sharpie x1
Waterproof Tape
Stitch Bag Only x1
Multi-Trauma Dress. 12x30
EMT shears 5 1/2 x1
Abd. Pad 5x9
RATS tourniquet x1
Coban/Sensi Wrap
Kerlex/Krinkle Gauze Roll
Mega Mover
Emergency Blanket
Sharpie Marker
Actisplint Roll
Supply Bag (Recon)
Burn Dressing 4x4
EMT Shears
Kits For Classrooms reserves the right to substitute any items within the kits based on item availability.

Every little bit counts to make our kids safer