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The heinous tragedy that took place at Sante Fe High School, where 10 students were left dead, is just the most recent in a long line of awful events that have occurred in US schools. Despite horrifying bloodshed and devastating sadness, students will return to schools in the fall that are fundamentally unsafe. With over 74.6 million elementary, secondary and university students enrolled in the US, preparing for injuries and crisis is a top priority. From playground scrapes to homeland terror incidents, first aid supplies for all types of emergency situations must be available.

First aid supplies should be easily accessed and available for use in any situation. First aid situations are time sensitive and fast response times are critical. While active shooter situations are heartbreaking and often gain a lot of media attention, violence and crisis situations occur EVERY DAY in our schools. Four million elementary and secondary students reported being in a physical fight on school property this year. Two million reported carrying a weapon on school property. Nearly 400,000 teachers reported being threatened with injury or were physically attacked by a student from their school.

Planning, preparation, training, and response is required. In a school crisis, educators and student ARE the first responders and need to be prepared as such. With high quality, well stocked first aid kits, teachers, staff, students and parents can be adequately prepared to handle any crisis, from man-made to natural hazards, that schools face each day.

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